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Stuff Every Man Should Know Book

Penguin Random House

  • This little gift book is packed with tips, tricks, and life hacks for the modern man.
  • With chapters on domestic life, personal appearance, etiquette and socializing, business and pleasure, love and relationships, and health and wellness, it’s the ultimate little black book for men of all ages. You’ll find all the answers in a concise but comprehensive pocket-sized package. Plus wardrobe essentials, advice on car maintenance, how to start a conversation in five languages, exercise tips, grilling instructions, and much, much more!
This handy reference guide features everything the modern man should know (but might not), including:
  • How to Cast a Fishing Rod
  • How to Open a Beer Bottle Without an Opener
  • How to Ask for a Raise
  • How to Start a Simple Skincare Routine
  • How to Make Friends as an Adult
  • How to Entertain Children