Nostalgic New England Slopes: Exploring Vintage New England Skiing Traditions, Clothing and Locations

Nostalgic New England Slopes: Exploring Vintage New England Skiing Traditions, Clothing and Locations

Skiing in New England hasn’t always been high speed gondolas and three-story slopeside townhomes. A simple journey through time reveals the evolution of both skiing and the iconic traditions and ski clothing that has graced its slope over time.

The early days of skiing in New England was a rugged and adventurous pursuit. The vast, snow-covered landscapes of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine became the playground for those seeking vertical thrills. To handle temperature and terrain, a new style of alpine apparel emerged - Skiers clad in woolen sweaters, knickerbockers, and leather boots, exuding a timeless charm that resonates with the spirit of the era. Throughout the 20th century and into present day, skiing has always been a stylish affair, where practicality meets a touch of fashion on the slopes.

No exploration of vintage New England skiing is complete without mentioning the iconic ski resorts that have stood the test of time. Places like Stowe, Sugarloaf, Sugarbush, and Cannon Mountain have witnessed the evolution of skiing, offering not only thrilling slopes but also a backdrop for the fashion trends that defined each era.

Wool, once the primary material for warmth, gave way to innovative fabrics like Gore-Tex, providing skiers with waterproof and breathable gear. However, the vintage aesthetic of colorful knit sweaters and classic ski hats remains a cherished symbol of the region’s skiing heritage.

At SAULT, we honor the foundation of early alpine apparel by offering quality and high performing clothing that keeps you warm and comfortable. This unique tapestry of clothing continues to captivate both seasoned skiers and those more suited for huddling around a warm slopeside fire pit. Either way, we can’t help but feel a connection to the pioneers of the past, whose passion for skiing laid the foundation for the vibrant New England ski culture we cherish today.

Some of our favorite vintage New England ski mountains: 

Stowe Mountain
5781 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT

Sugarloaf Mountain
5092 Access Rd, Carrabassett Valley, ME

Cannon Mountain
2650 Profile Rd, Franconia, NH 03580

Pleasant Mountain
119 Mountain Road,  Bridgeton, ME


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