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West Third Brand Cologne

West Third Brand

  • Old BourbonInspiration straight out of the whiskey soaked barrel. A rich blend of sandalwood, cedar & vetiver layered with amyris, patchouli, coumarin, citrus peel, benzoin with a hint of Vanilla.
  • Tobacco 1812 - Sweet dried tobacco leaf, aromatic spices & rich honey muddled with cocoa, Tonka Bean, tobacco flower and a layer of dried fruit and exotic wood.
  • Smoked SandalwoodRichly smoked ancient sandalwood and dark cedarwood distilled with aromatic black cardamom, clove, basil, subtle notes of rose and luminous bright hints of lemon.
  • Smoky Fig - Fresh green fig infused with lemon and Agave leaves. Layered with sage, lavender, and coconut with hints of lily and smoked fir with musk.
  • Vintage Leather - An intricate balance of moss, tobacco, cedar & leather notes with patchouli & musk. 
  • Ropes & Sails - Refreshing citrus notes of grapefruit and calamanzi layered with muguet, jasmine, sage with juniper accented with rosewood, sandalwood and pettitgrain.
  • Tall Tales - Amber, violet & clary sage, muddled with hints of coriander suede, tobacco with traces of coffee, coco and soft vanilla.
  • Amérique - American oak and teak infused with patchouli with layers of cedar notes, mandarin peel, coumarin, clove and sensual ylang ylang.