Natural Soy Wax Candle


Mermaid Kisses
Take on your inner mermaid and dive into the deep blue sea of adventure and mystery. Embrace the seductive fusion of golden amber and musk kissed with a hint of sparkling citrus, lily of the valley and pink jasmine. Approximate burn time with this soy candle is roughly 50 hours.

Captain Clean
A clean, sharp scent reminiscent of a fresh shave at the barbershop. On the masculine side but women love it! Approximate burn time with this candle is roughly 50 hours.

Salty Mariner 
Waves of blue crumble along the shore. There's a soft crunch of seashells beneath your feet as you walk towards the sea. You inhale the fresh salty air and fill your body with notes of fresh raindrops mixed with slight floral hints, luscious greens, pine and musk. Approximate burn time with this soy candle is roughly 50 hours.

Tumbler Glass
After you've burned this candle you've got a Tumbler Glass to pour you're favorite beverage in. Simply wash out any wax residue, peel off the front sticker, and our logo and oar are screen printed on the glass for safe dish washing.

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