Peppercorn Tower


  • Tellicherry Pepper - 10 grams -grown in the same region as our exclusive Wynad pepper, Tellicherry is one of the finest peppercorns. Fragrant with spice, fruitiness, and front of the mouth heat.
  • Szechuan Pepper - 6 grams - woodsy, minty, citrusy, lavendery flavor with a cooling sensation in the mouth. Toast in a dry skillet for a few minutes to bring out full flavor.
  • Muntok White Pepper - 10 grams - spicier than black peppercorns with an herbal, fruity flavor. Lacks the full aroma of black. Use with all food and especially when you do not want to see black flecks.
  • Cubeb Pepper - 8 grams -also known as Comet's Tail Pepper, these berries are not a true peppercorn. They have an allspice, eucalyptus, citrus hint along with the heat of black pepper.
  • Asian Pepper (Wynad Black Pepper, our exclusive organic pepper from Kerala, India) - 10 grams -higher volatile oil content makes this pepper the spiciest of all. A nice tingling on the lips and rich complex flavor and aroma.

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